A Liveable Yangon

The conservation of Yangon’s built, cultural and natural heritage is essential to making it a success. A city’s residents, leaders, businesspeople and innovators are the source of its ability to grow, evolve and meet future challenges. Making Yangon a liveable city will enhance its regional competitiveness and ability to attract future talent and investment. Yangon already has assets that can’t be bought or planned into existence; it is a green and fundamentally well- planned city with rich cultural heritage and one of the best surviving historic cityscapes in Asia. These features provide it with the economic edge needed to succeed in the future and must be protected. By combining the infrastructure necessary for a 21st century city with Yangon’s unique heritage, a set of advantages not available in other cities can be offered to investors, businesses and residents.

The Yangon Heritage Strategy identifies 12 key principles for a liveable Yangon. These represent the following core areas to develop and work towards: a Compact city; well-Connected transport networks; Resilient in the face of disaster risks; inclusive of Diverse communities; residents Engaged in civic issues; a strong Economy; access to good Education and Health infrastructure; high-quality and accessible Public Assets like parks, libraries and theatres; strong Rule of Law; well-conserved Unique natural, cultural and built heritage; finally, all of this must be Affordable for city residents. (For a full explanation of these liveability principles, see page 33 of the YHS).