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Combining Conservation and Development
to Create Asia’s Most Liveable City

The Yangon Heritage Strategy presents a new vision for Yangon as a city that is unique, liveable and a social and economic asset for the nation. The YHS also contains suggested actions towards achieving that vision which are achievable in the life of the new national government. This plan represents the culmination of YHT’s experience, consultations, advocacy and expert opinion gathered over the last four years and is designed to be usable and actionable.

Yangon today has everything to gain and everything to lose. Now is the moment to set the city in a new direction and avoid the mistakes of its regional neighbours. Now is the moment to begin turning Yangon into Asia’s most liveable city.

the YHS

The Yangon Heritage Strategy

Conservation led development will ensure Yangon can maintain it’s unique built environment and cultural heritage.

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A Liveable Yangon

Making Yangon a great place to live and work through sustainable development and heritage conservation is key to it success.

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The Yangon Heritage Trust

Yangon Heritage Trust is a centre of excellence in urban built and cultural heritage management.

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Yangon Heritage Strategy


Action Plans

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