The Yangon Heritage Strategy

The Yangon Heritage Strategy was written over the last year by YHT staff with assistance from a wide variety or urban planning, urban design, heritage management, financial, economic and legal experts. It represents the culmination of four years of experience, work, consultation and advocacy.

During 2013 the Trust realised that in order to be effective the organisation needed to put forward a vision for the city, a strategy to achieve that vision and achievable actions that could be undertaken as first steps. Myanmar’s recent political changes and huge development pressures mean that now is the key moment to set the agenda for Yangon and ensure it can avoid the mistakes of its regional neighbours.

The Yangon Heritage Strategy is designed to put forward ideas and options. We hope these ideas will inform the public and decision makers about the city’s huge potential.

Below is an overview of the document:

The Introduction provides background on the importance of cities, heritage conservation, urban planning and puts the current situation in context.

The Vision provides a new and hopeful way of thinking about Yangon’s potential as a regional leader.

A set of principles have been defined in Liveability to generate a discussion about making Yangon a good place to live and work.

The Strategy provides an overview of the Yangon Heritage Trust’s recommendations for achieving this vision within Yangon’s cultural, social and political context.

The Action Plans, designed to make the vision of Yangon’s future a reality, provide ideas for both immediate projects that can be quickly achieved and longer-term goals.

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